10 – Abundance is Natural

a couple of years ago
Master Key Lisa Domingo

Abundance is Natural! The tenth week of the Master Key Experience started with wonderful abundance. “Abundance is the Natural Law of the Universe…Nature is Lavish…That there is an abundance for everyone is evident.”

I was so pleased and happy to read this section this week – all about abundance – which I believe is everywhere. Here’s a little run down on the abundance I experienced this week.

I celebrated another year on the Earth – waking up everyday is abundance!

My husband treated me to a short sojourn in the Tulum, Mexico area – all inclusive, so I already knew the food and drinks would be abundant. I was surprised by more abundance when we learned of all the activities the resort offered, such as yoga, stand up paddle boarding, hammocks, tequila tastings, live evening music, and ocean views for everyone!

With the words of “Nature is Lavish, wasteful, extravagant. Nowhere is economy observed in any created thing,” swirling around my head, I saw it for myself as we hopped in the water and went snorkeling. The ocean is filled with so many varieties of living creatures and Nature did not say, “Oh for that fish, I’ll only give one fin…My fin inventory is getting low.” It was amazing how many varied creatures we saw just a few feet off shore – sting rays, sea turtles munching on the sea floor grasses, silver fish swirling in tornados, big fish, small fish, colorful fish, brown fish, anemones, sea urchins, and on and on and on. I think I even saw a puffer fish! Master Key Lisa Domingo

The sun was abundant, the service was abundant, the location was abundant. It was just a perfect location to read this week’s theme.

On the way back, my chivalrous husband gifted me with his first class upgrade on the almost 4 hour flight to Chicago. I was sitting in a row by myself and Noble, the United flight attendant, asked me if I was flying with anyone (since my husband’s name was really on the first class list). I said, “Yes,” and explained the situation. He was so impressed that my husband gave me his first class seat (apparently some husbands make their wives sit in economy while they enjoy first class) that he rescued my husband from his seat and brought him to join me in first class! Abundance struck again and all for doing the right thing!

To Our Abundance! There’s enough for everyone!

How have you experienced abundance in your life? Leave a comment below!


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