16 – Choose, Try On, Re-Choose

a couple of years ago

Last week, I mentioned that “You can’t choose wrong, and each choice brings greater clarity.” Based on the comments, this seemed to really resonate with people, so I’ll continue on that theme.

You Can’t Choose Wrong(ly)

Size (of the Choice) Doesn’t Matter

You can’t choose wrong, and each choice brings greater clarity. I thought a lot about this over the week and the image that came to mind was trying on clothes. I’ll often pull a lot of items from the rack and bring them into the dressing room. Some work, some don’t…sometimes nothing works. And you know what? I never beat myself over choosing the ones that didn’t work. Do you? I’m going to guess, “no,” but do you beat yourself over other choices? Think about it…why do you do that? Your subconscious, the part of you that runs most of your life, doesn’t understand size…so really, any choice is just like choosing clothes to take into dressing room.

But I’m Not Sure What I Want!

Knowing What You Don’t Want Helps

Knowing what you don’t want helps to create a contrast and get you closer to knowing what you do want. I’ll share some of my examples below of how I’m ruling things out…and eventually, with enough ruling out, I’ll know exactly what I do want.

This week, I left two network marketing companies after realizing that (1) the product/service wasn’t quite what they claimed and (2) the higher-ups in the company don’t seem to have the level of integrity that I’m looking for.

I was introduced to another opportunity and after recognizing that every time I thought about it, I shook my head, “No.” Case closed.

So, I’m currently still keeping my eyes peeled & heart open for an opportunity that resonates well with me. I looked into different e-commerce avenues, but I hear my HEART say “But I don’t really want to do that!” So, that’s also out, even though it’s a viable business model, it’s not for me.

Well, Now What?

Well, I Don’t Know

I may not know the exact company and opportunity that’s for me, but my heart-radar is getting stronger to get me to the company that’s right for me. I love the network marketing business model, so that’s still game.

So, if you don’t know what you want, keep trying things on and strengthen your heart-radar! You’ll get it if you keep choosing, trying on and re-choosing!

I Know Exactly What I Want

Rock On!

GO FOR IT! Take that JUMP to the life you desire! And speaking of jumping – watch this from Steve Harvey.


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