17 – Kindness

a couple of years ago

Kindness Is Everywhere,
You Just Have To Look For It.


Last week over 300 people worldwide (all who are part of the Master Key Experience) focused on giving kindness, observing kindness, and even doing random acts of kindness. Within 5 days, collectively, we had observed over 5,000 acts of kindness. The focus on kindness has lovingly followed me into this week and I want to highlight a few people from Indianapolis.

Just Doing His Job?

IshmaelThe first person is Ishmael Gilbert, a cashier at the Target I go to (how cool is that!?!). Only on the job for 10 days, he was “caught in the act” of being patient and kind to an elderly woman who was paying for her good with only coins. If you didn’t hear about this viral news story – just jump to the story in the Indianapolis Star.

Even notice how the woman who caught Ishmael in the act had her heart softened as she continued to watch and wait her turn.

Getting Carded?

Caroline, also from Indianapolis, decided that she wanted to promote kindness in her own way and started giving kindness anonymously. She will leave cards with positive messages around the city – sidewalks, hidden in grocery store aisles, park benches – all little words inspiration for anyone curious enough to open the card. I met her at private Yelp Elite event where she invited people to write positive messages on cards that she would distribute throughout the city. Join me in following her Random Acts of Kindness on Instagram @IndyActsOfKindness.

What About You?

What we focus on grows. It’s the funny way when we start looking for a new car, suddenly EVERYONE is driving the car we want. I invite you to focus on Kindness this week and see how it follows you around. Let me know if you’ve experienced a kindness that touched your heart in a special way. I can’t wait to read about it!

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