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a couple of years ago

Special Note: This was written as submission to become a yoga ambassador for the Live Be Yoga 2016 Tour. =)

The Seed Was Planted

I am about to embark on a new adventure and I am amazed how the Universe has lined everything up to make it possible. Over 10 years ago, a seed was planted, a seed to share my bubbly personality and my love for yoga, travelling, connecting with new people, and sharing my experience. I tended to my seed, never sure when the seed would sprout and display its full beauty. Then in January, there were signs that it was about to bloom!

Yoga Enters My Life


Eleven years ago, I started practicing Anusara yoga. I loved the heart-centric language, the alignment-based principles, and using the teachings on and off the mat. As I got more involved with my practice, I traveled to various workshops and even two Yoga Journal Conferences at Estes Park (2008 & 2010). During my practice, I noticed that I enjoyed being a fully-present student. As I have not (yet) heard the call to become a teacher, I honor myself by staying on my path as a happy student. =)


Following my heart’s calling for adventure, I’ve also road-tripped around the country. Whether it’s with a co-pilot or solo, I love the freedom of getting in the car and experiencing what lies between each destination. When driving solo, it’s been no problem for me to drive 12 hours in one day, and I always take needed breaks to ensure my safety and the safety of others.

Master Key Lisa DomingoSo Why is the Seed Sprouting Now?

Great question! I believe that as I’ve gotten more attuned to my inner calling, that my heart-radar is working 24/7 with no head-induced override. How awesome is that! 

The Universe Cleared My Schedule

Six months ago, I made a huge decision to leave a job that was not healthy for me. In the months that followed, I’ve had the freedom to pursue heart-happy activities and engage in The Master Key Experience, a six-month inner transformation, where we chip off the cement that has encased our inner golden buddha.

Through the Master Key Experience, I’ve shed activities that didn’t excite me. In doing so, the Universe helped clear my schedule and has created abundant availability to serve as your Yoga Ambassador. I’m ready to hit the road with my clean driving record and current passport!

“Nature Does Not Rush, Yet Everything is Accomplished,” Lao Tzu

I truly believe that the Universe showed me the search announcement and cleared my schedule at this point in my life because NOW was the right time to serve as your Live Be Yoga 2016 Yoga Ambassador.

I am grateful to have the loving support of my husband who, when asked what he thought of me being your yoga ambassador, said, “It’s your journey!” And with that, I am bursting with excitement to serve the current and future yoga community, Yoga Journal, and Gaia, as your yoga ambassador for the Live Be Yoga 2016 Tour!

Master Key Lisa Domingo

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