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a couple of years ago

Effortless Living

The Master Key Experience claims to change our lives effortlessly. This may seem like a bold claim at the beginning of the class, but as time progresses, and I stay true to the exercises, I find it to be true. In my case, I’ve found that tasks I’ve normally avoided (around the house), I now just do it. I’m amazed at the transformation.

Effortless Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Last week, you read my written submission to become the Live Be Yoga Tour Ambassador. In addition to the written post, I also created a video submission. While working on it, effortless came to mind over and over.

I would typically start my work in front of the camera around 10 PM…I don’t know why it was so late, but…Hey! I was excited and the creativity was flowing! I would work until 2 to 3 AM, amazed at the energy I had. I was so juiced up, I wasn’t even tired! When I’d look at the clock and realize that I had no sense of time passing and I was not tired, I thought,

Now this is effortless. A unknown source of energy and creativity is flowing through me. I am just the conduit for this energy to flow and I am having SO. MUCH. FUN! 

I worked on this video over the course of a week, shooting, editing, and being so excited about my creation. It was so much fun doing this and being a magnificent co-creator in my life.

My Wish for You

I wish that you too will find something that you get so juiced up about you can’t go to sleep, you don’t notice time passing, and you are having so much fun doing it. I believe that when you have those things, you have tapped into one of your gifts and one of the reasons you are here on the planet. You’ll be amazed at how effortless it is to follow your bliss.

And Now, I Present
Lisa Domingo-Yoga Ambassador



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