22A – Silence

a couple of years ago

Silence is Golden

So, last week, I mentioned that I would be disconnecting from weapons of mass distraction and going silent. I had originally intended to go silent for the whole weekend, but only made it through Saturday.

What Did I Do?


Well, practically nothing. I had a nice breakfast, relaxing bath, then…I sat on my couch and meditated for almost 4 hours straight. When I’d come out of meditation, I’d look out the window or notice the noiseless house and realize that I wasn’t thinking about anything. My mind was pretty much blank and quiet.

What did I notice?

I noticed that I can sit still and clear my mind effortlessly. Just a few internal rounds of my mantra and I’m off! Where? I don’t know. =)

What Did I Learn?

The next time I do a silent retreat, I’ll plan ahead a little bit more. My husband was home and that was a little awkward. I’ll have a schedule that will include yoga, trip to a park, or a walking labyrinth. And, I’ll do it when the weather is nice so I can be out in nature.

Will I Do It Again?


Have you done a Silent Retreat? Share your experience in the comments below!

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