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22A – Silence

Silence is Golden So, last week, I mentioned that I would be disconnecting from weapons of mass distraction and going silent. I had originally intended to go silent for the whole weekend, but only made it through Saturday. What Did I Do? NOTHING! Well, practically nothing. I had a nice breakfast, relaxing bath, then…I sat […]


Beware the Weapons of Mass Distraction TV Social Media All the buzzes on your phone A badge of Busy-ness My husband and I saw this in a recent issue of Money Wealthy people don’t watch a lot of TV.  I can’t tell you the number of times throughout the week that I have to tell […]

19 – Effortless

Effortless Living The Master Key Experience claims to change our lives effortlessly. This may seem like a bold claim at the beginning of the class, but as time progresses, and I stay true to the exercises, I find it to be true. In my case, I’ve found that tasks I’ve normally avoided (around the house), I now just do […]

18 – I Live Yoga

Special Note: This was written as submission to become a yoga ambassador for the Live Be Yoga 2016 Tour. =) The Seed Was Planted I am about to embark on a new adventure and I am amazed how the Universe has lined everything up to make it possible. Over 10 years ago, a seed was planted, […]

17 – Kindness

Kindness Is Everywhere, You Just Have To Look For It.   Last week over 300 people worldwide (all who are part of the Master Key Experience) focused on giving kindness, observing kindness, and even doing random acts of kindness. Within 5 days, collectively, we had observed over 5,000 acts of kindness. The focus on kindness […]

16 – Choose, Try On, Re-Choose

Last week, I mentioned that “You can’t choose wrong, and each choice brings greater clarity.” Based on the comments, this seemed to really resonate with people, so I’ll continue on that theme. You Can’t Choose Wrong(ly) Size (of the Choice) Doesn’t Matter You can’t choose wrong, and each choice brings greater clarity. I thought a […]

15 – Powerball Winner!

Abundance  With an $800 Million Powerball this weekend, Abundance is the only thing on my mind. If one wants abundance, one should only think about abundance. So, I think and visualize and feel winning the Powerball, holding the LARGE check, smiling for the cameras and knowing that it’s already mine. Ahh! It feels so good!!!!!! […]

14 – Cool Runnings

This week I watched Cool Runnings the Disney movie about the Jamaican Bobsled team. Even though this came out during a time that would have put me at the appropriate age to watch it, this week was the first time I watched it. Crazy! Guess it was just the right time to apply the concepts I’m […]

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